Le Moo is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kevin Grangier of Belle Noble Entertainment, LLC. What was once KT's restaurant, Kevin transformed into a luxurious steak house. More information about Le Moo can be seen here.

A shot of Bobby Oliges and me showing off one of the many signs I completed. 

The welcome mat of Le Moo painted on the concrete floor in the entrance way. Lettering is done with gold leaf.

A nice floor embellishment once you enter the dining area. Gold leaf on concrete.

The belle on the bull. This is a roughly 14 ft. by 16 ft. mural painted on brick that graces the main dining area.

One of my favorite embellishments was painting these 7 inch high cow portraits on some vintage benches located in the bar area.

This floor cloth is underneath the long table located in the upper dining platform. It is handpainted on concrete.

These are just some of the highlights. There's so much more at Le Moo! From hand-painted exterior and interior signs, to gold leaf embellishments, and a Louis Vuitton booth! Just go visit and see for yourself!