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Walking Running Stumbling

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Hi friends,

Welcome to my first post on my new blog! This blog is going to hopefully, keep you updated on what is going on in my crazy life, and give you a little more insight on who I am, my struggles, my triumphs, my imperfect life. So let's get started.

These three words have been on my mind lately. It's basically the levels on how my life operates. Usually I'm in the walking stage. Things are going pretty good. I'm getting enough work to pay the bills, I'm making art at a consistent pace, home and relationships are in balance.

Then there's running: I participate in six shows in two months, I have a a ton of projects that need to be completed around the same time, home life, kids, and relationships get neglected, because I have been so focused on my work...

Then there's the stumbling... I don't think I need to explain the stumbling. I have recently gotten out of a stumbling stage. Stumbling reminds me that I'm still learning, and usually results in either a bout of depression or a lot of self reflection. However, stumbling gets me to another level. Stumbling puts me in a vulnerable state. That's a state no one really likes to be in, because we equate vulnerability with weakness.

However, I am working on being comfortable in my vulnerability. I am looking at it as a strength instead of a weakness. Vulnerability gets to the truth, and reminds me that I am an imperfect human, and that is a beautiful thing. Even after 23 years of being a professional artist I am still learning, and growing, and changing, and that is a beautiful thing. Vulnerability is the key to humanity. It brings me closer to people when we can share our shortcomings, because we all have them. It's OK to fall apart sometimes, but I have also learned that it's not good to dwell in that space. Part of stumbling is gaining your balance and moving forward. Moving forward means walking.

So if you're interested in sharing this journey with me, thank you, and let's start walking.


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