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photo by JoLea Brown/ Creative Photography

"I am fascinated by the tragic beauty of nature. There is a secret language to it that I am still trying to decipher. It is a feeling I get when observing the birds, animals, and trees around me. The feeling that I am experiencing something that is so familiar, and yet so extraordinary. The art of survival, I suppose. I see the struggles, the triumphs, the perseverance, and the failures. I feel a connection to it all. I find my humanness in nature."

 -Sabra Lynne Crockett

Born a Yankee, and wandering through the South, Sabra finally found her home in Louisville, Kentucky with all the beautiful song birds surrounding her, and the most spectacular variety of trees she could possibly hope for.


2023- 2024- Dec- Feb- Lowber Gallery, Louisville, KY

2022- Jul-Oct- Meadows Gallery at Masonic Temple Home Louisville, KY 

2022 Apr-  Eastern branch Public Library, Lexington, KY

2022 Mar- Birdwatching, The Art Center of the Bluegrass, Danville, KY

2021 Nov- The Education of Desire, Kore Gallery, Louisville KY


2023- Oct- St. James Festival in St. James Court, invited artist, Louisville, KY

2023- Jun-Jul- Coming Home, New Editions Gallery, Lexington KY

2023- Jul- Crescent Hill Art Fair, Louisville, KY

2023- May- Jun- Hip to be Square, New Editions Gallery, Lexington, KY

2023- Jun- Representation by Wheelhouse Gallery, Louisville, KY

2023- Mar- Kentucky Crafted Market, Alltech Arena, Lexington, KY

2023- Feb I made you a mixtape, Aurora Gallery, Louisville KY

2021 Sep Black and White Show, Kore Gallery, Louisville, KY

2021 Jan For the Birds?, Portland Museum, Louisville, KY 

2020 Oct Homage, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati OH

2020 Mar Birdsong, Lark and Key Gallery, Charlotte, NC

2020 Bird, Nest  Nature, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

2020 Ave Aves, Surface Noise, Louisville, KY

2019 PRBTN 19, Loudon House, Lexington, KY

2019 Mix It Up, New Editions Gallery, Lexington, KY

2019 The Future Is Now, Gallery 841, Louisville, KY

2019 Reveal, Kentucky Artisan Center, Berea KY

2019 Kentucky Wildlife, The Living Arts and Science Center, Lexington KY

2019 Years of Chaos- Issues that are Destroying Us, Kore Gallery, Louisville KY

2018 The Modern Prometheus, Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville KY

2018 Family Dynasties, Masonic Temple Home, Louisville, KY

2018 Art Sanctuary Selected Member Exhibit, Consider Boutique, Louisville KY

2018 SALON 2018, De Harmonie, Leeuwarden NE

2017 Duplicity, Gallery JAAN, Louisville KY

2017 Open Studio Weekend Juried Exhibition, Cressman Center, Louisville KY

2017 SALON 2017, High School of Art and Design, NYC, NY

2017 Gridworks Revisited, New Editions Gallery, Lexington KY

2016 Holiday Exhibition, Downtown Pilates, Louisville KY

2016- present Art Sanctuary Annual Member Exhibit, Art Sanctuary, Louisville KY

2016 Unmasked exhibition, Louisville Visual Art, Louisville KY

2013 Silver and Gold, Art from the Heart Gallery, Louisville KY



2018 Mystic, and Come Dance With Me located on exterior doors, Alley Gallery, Louisville KY

2017 5710 New Cut Road Mural, Auburndale Neighborhood, Louisville KY

2015 Gallopalooza Horse, commissioned by LG&E, Louisville KY

2014 BANA Mural,I 264 underpass and Bardstown Rd, Louisville KY

2014 I Am I Can I Will I Dream Tree, Parkland Community Gardens, Louisville KY



Jefferson Development Group, Rabbit Hole Distillery, Belle Noble Entertainment Group,

Louisville Zoo



4/02/2019 Alyson Standfield, Why Putting your Plan on Paper Matters,  Art Biz Success blog

2/08/2019 Keith Waits, Only the Strong Survive, Arts Louisville

7/05/2018 Britany Baker, An Artist Abroad, The Voice Tribune

4/12/2017 Keith Waits, Vignette: Sabra Crockett, LVA Artebella

12/13/2016 Eli Keel, Artist Sabra Crockett, “Speaks for the Trees” In Two New Exhibitions

Insider Louisville

09/ 2015 Jolea Brown, The Artist: Sabra Crockett, N Focus Magazine

12/11/2014 Sabra Crockett, Editorial: Public Art Is a Necessity,



08/17/2018 Jo Ann Triplet, “Leo podcast #66” , Leo Weekly

11/6/2017 Louisville Metro TV

09/2017 WHAS Great Day Live, New Cut Road Mural



2018 Professional Development Grant Award, Great Meadows Foundation.

2017Professional Development Grant Award, Great Meadows Foundation



3/31/ 2019 International SWAN Day, Downtown Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville KY

3/ 17/2018 New Cut Road Mural- My Journey into Creating Public Art , the Little Loom House, Louisville KY


Community Outreach

2014, 2015, 2018, 2019 Career Day Speaker, Highland Middle School, Louisville KY

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