Actors Theater


At the Vanishing Point

Actors Theater 2015


At the Vanishing Point

wall detail


Steel Hammer

Actors Theater 2014

Painted weathered wood, and rusted steel


Steel Hammer

floor detail


I Will Be Gone

Actors Theater 2015

16 foot by 20 foot drop painted on projector screen with dyes.

Stage One 2013-2015


A House In Pooh's Corner

A House In Pooh's Corner

Drop details. All lettering was hand painted.

Stage One- The Glorious Adventures of the Mighty Robin Hood

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Scenic Art Resume


  • Competent painting on drops, conventional, and unconventional materials

  • Experience using various textural mediums to create varied effects

  • Knowledge of carving foam

  • Accomplished at wood grain and marble


  • Trained at drawing and painting landscapes, figures, animals, architecture, and objects

  • Capable of teaching and mentoring interns

  • Proficient at Photoshop

  • Skilled at managing a budget




Actors Theatre Louisville, Kentucky

2016 Interim scenic charge

  • Responsible for completing sets for the 2016 Humana Festival of Plays which included:

    For Peter Pan On Her 70th Birthday, Wellsley Girl, Cardboard Piano, New Voices


2015 Scenic artist over-hire

  • 7 Guitars, I Will Be Gone, Dot, At the Vanishing Point

  • ,Managed an intern from KYCAD to assist in painting 7 Guitars


2011- 2014 Scenic artist over-hire

  • Oh, Gastronomy, How We Got On, The Ver**on Play, In The Next Room, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety, A Christmas Story, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,

    Steel Hammer, Brownsville Song ( B Side for Tray), Delling Shore, Appropriate, Cry Old Kingdom, Gnit


2013 Intern supervisor assistant- Taught the intern at that time, Caitlin, drop painting techniques by creating a small drop which included landscape, and trompe l'oeil elements


2009- 2010 Scenic artist over-hire

  • Greater Tuna, Sirens, Ground


2003-2006 Scenic artist over-hire

  • Gem of the Ocean, Strike-Slip, Amadeus, After Ashley, The Ruby Sunrise, Act a Lady



Stage One Louisville, Kentucky

2013- 2015 Scenic Charge

  • Mentored and taught 2 interns, one previously mentioned from KyCAD, about laying out and painting drops, lettering, wood grain, and other scenic techniques

  • Highlights- A House In Pooh's Corner, The Glorious Adventures of Robin Hood, Diary of a Worm, Spider, and Fly, Petite Rouge, World Premiere of And In This Corner... Cassius Clay



Alabama Shakespeare Festival Montgomery, Alabama

1997- 2003 Scenic Artist

  • Marbling and wood grain techniques on furniture, painting 50 foot wide drops, portraits, landscapes, stone, wood, brick, vacuum- form techniques, stenciling, “gold leaf”, trompe l'oeil, crackle, and other scenic painting techniques

  • Assisted in helping other scenic artists learn painting skills


GeVA Theater Rochester, New York

1996- 1997 Scenic Artist



1992-1996 BFA Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York

1991-1992 Arcadia College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania