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Looking back, looking forward, and trying again

This year, like for most of you, has been ... well, so many things. We are in an unprecedented time in our lives, that I'm not sure if any of us has or will go through something like this again. This pandemic has touched each and everyone of us in some way. Louisville actually shut down due to COVID 19 the day before my opening at Surface Noise. However, Jen, Brett, and I already decided to cancel the opening. That was also around the same time that I found out that the Kentucky Crafted Market was cancelled. I was devastated. I was working non-stop for both events which as a result I created 28 new pieces. I had no income coming in for the first two months, and 2019 wasn't that great a year financially. However, I was really excited to make it into the Kentucky Crafted program on my first try, and I am always looking ahead to better things. So when COVID 19 hit, and the world upended I was kind of in shock, and deeply disappointed. So, I decided to post all my paintings on Facebook and Instagram, and one by one I would get inquiries about this painting, and then sales started happening, then I started selling my prints! It was amazing! Even though we never had the opening of the Ave Aves exhibition, I was able to sell all but two of the paintings while it was up! The paintings I was going to take to the Kentucky Crafted Market sold, and out of the 16 I have 6 left!

Then, Don Cartwright from Kore Gallery started representing me, and he was able to sell an additional 6 pieces of my earlier work! Don has been amazing. He has really helped me trough this process as I am new to working with a gallerist. He is more concerned about the art and the artist, and he deeply cares for his artists and his clients. He is a Louisville gem.

That Spring I was also contacted by a gallery in North Carolina called, Lark and Key Gallery. I became aware of Lark and Key Gallery through the founder, Duy. I saw his work at the Blue Spiral Gallery in Asheville, NC at my Big Table Retreat. I became enamored with his work, and started following him on Instagram. That's when i found out he had his own gallery. So I started following his gallery. I guess they noticed my work, and invited me to exhibit in one of their shows called, Birdsong. Sandy contacted me and requested 6 8 x 10s, and 1 18 x 18. I'm finishing up my first raptor painting right now. I just need to apply the copper leaf. I'll continue this saga tomorrow. It's getting late. Here's a peak of my first raptor.


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