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Say Her Name

The city I love is in pain. Breonna Taylor, a beautiful, life-saving woman was shot in her home by police, because of a huge mistake that cost her life. Her death, along with Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd started a national movement for justice and equality for black Americans, and all people of color. There have been non-stop protests for over 100 days. We waited for a long time to hear AG Cameron's response to her death, and one of the three police officers was indicted for wanton endangerment . They never mentioned her name. One police officer, the one that shot the final bullet that killed Breonna, wrote a letter to his fellow police officers saying that, "This was the moral and ethical thing to do." To shoot a woman in her own home and kill her, when she was posing no threat?

Now my city is pain, because we asked for justice, and never received it. we've shouted BLACK LIVES MATTER, and they don't believe it.. Breonna Taylor's neighbor's walls got more justice than this woman whose life mattered a lot to a lot of people. Now my friends are being beaten and arrested by the police that are supposed to "serve and protect". They're being called "criminals" and "thugs" when all they are doing is expressing their first amendment right peacefully. The police brutality has escalated, and it's sickening.

The only thing that is saving me right now is my art practice. All my anger, sadness, and hope is going into these paintings I'm working on right now. I hope it can heal.

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